Thanks for visiting! ArkForIT enables you spend Ark on professional information technology services, namely, increasing security for end users like yourself. While your Ark keys are safe on your Ledger Nano S, there are still plenty of ways hackers and viruses can make their way onto your computer and into your network. ArkForIT gives you access to powerful enterprise-grade tools as well as vital knowledge at a low monthly rate, payable in Ark!

I am an active member of the Ark community with a background in IT and security. I felt I could give back by starting up ArkForIT, and make the Internet a little safer for all of us Ark enthusiasts. Have a look around the site. You’ll find a lot of useful info about my services, and you will notice that I want to be as transparent as possible while keeping your anonymity a priority.

The Benefits of ArkForIT

Someone to turn to. If you are ever unsure of your security, you will get someone you can turn to for help. ArkForIT will be there to tell you all about some of the industry's best practices for staying safe. You will have someone as a sounding board for ideas, if you ever feel you might be at risk. ArkForIT will be your liaison to help you stay safe. Your security will be top priority, and anything that is discussed between us stays confidential. Not to be brazen, but I make the Geek Squad look like Kindergarten class.

A second look at your security practices. It never hurts to have a helping hand when it comes to your security. ArkForIT can verify that you have everything set up correctly and working as it should. ArkForIT solutions act as a guard, even if you are away from your machine. Just because you're away, doesn't mean you shouldn't be secure. If an infection hits your machine, you will get notified and can take actions to secure it faster.

Powerful enterprise-grade security tools. No longer are you locked into a yearly subscription of watered-down Home software. ArkForIT will have you on enterprise-grade Bitdefender software that gets updated regularly. You will get priority definition updates, and malicious files that are yet to be categorized will be cross-checked with minimal system impact through Bitdefender Cloud. Due to pooling licenses, ArkForIT can offer end users like yourself these powerful solutions and more at a low monthly rate impossible to attain on your own. There is a reason business solutions cost more- it's about priority, and you will have it. In the world of cybersecurity, that can make all the difference.

A historical report of infection results. If malware does infect your machine and make it inoperable, it would not affect my console. I will still be able to pull reports for you on any detection that your machine encountered. With that, we can then troubleshoot and determine steps you can take, or empower you with more information you can take to your local service technician.

Growing this great community. That is a noteworthy benefit in and of itself. Any light we can shine onto how great our community is will allow it to flourish even more. It's almost daily that we read about something being hacked or infected. Let's not be part of that, let's stand above it!

Remember, you're not just getting my help, consultation, and guidance into the world of personal internet security, you're getting a whole suite of powerful software. Check out the Features & Services page to see the full line of software you will be getting including firewall, device management, content filtering, and more.

Please check out the FAQ page, where all your questions are addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions