About ArkforIT / Me

I started ArkforIT because I want to contribute to the community in some way. I'm not a coder or developer- I am a system administrator. I manage and streamline networks and maintain health of endpoints. I wish I could code, but I've always been attracted to the satellite’s-eye-view that system administration provides. I like looking at the big picture, which is why I believe in Ark and their vision. My service is only available for Ark holders, and I will only accept Ark.

Coming from a healthcare background, I know what it takes to stay protected. HIPAA fines are no joke. I’ve managed 50 locations with some 1500 endpoints across multiple States, all with a team of only three people. I have always wanted to help the Ark community, and this seemed like a logical step.

What really pushed me to launch ArkForIT was the constant mention of Windows Defender. Windows Defender is okay for catching known threats. That’s a problem, since most infections come from new strains of viruses. Using crypto puts you in charge- It’s a nice feeling being in control of your funds. On the flip side of the coin though, there are more responsibilities. Normally, your bank would handle security with a vault or robust firewall with advanced security. Trusting your funds to Windows Defender is like using mall security. In the end, they are still going to call the cops. As you learn more about cryptocurrencies, it opens your mind to cybersecurity in general. I step in and offer peace of mind there.

I want to offer you the best protection- that’s why I only offer the best solution, Bitdefender. It has not only been independently tested and ranks highest for security and performance, I can also confirm it’s the best from my years in IT. Let me tell you, I’ve used them all, including Norton SEP, Webroot, Kaspersky, Sophos, AVG, and others. It still amazes me when I run Bitdefender after removing the competitors, what it manages to find.

Anyone in the world of commerce will tell you that trading goods and service can stabilize a currency. We have ArkStickers.com, BuyWithArk.com, ArkLogoWorks.com, ArkTippr, and more. My particular talent is offering protection services for computers, and that is my way of helping adoption.

Future Plans

For now, only Antivirus services and security consulting will be offered. This may expand into more as the operation and your community trust in me grows. If things go well, I would imagine I will be offering more services. Maybe I'll even run for a delegate spot, where I offer AV software to voters for free and it's paid for by forging new Ark. Who knows! I just know we have to establish trust first. So let’s start slow, and see how it goes.

Privacy and Promise

I promise to never disclose, sell or provide anyone information about you or your computer. In fact, no one inside my company will have access to the portal on which your computers reside. It's hidden from lower level techs and only the system admin can see it, which is me. Moreover, I want the least amount of information from you- I just need the bare minimum to offer you the service, and that's it. Any information from scans will only be between us and no 3rd party.