How much does it cost?

$10 USD a month

Why so much, if I can buy an AV product for less? First, this is enterprise grade security and features. This is not your typical home use software. Please take a look at the Features & Services section for a good breakdown of features. Here is a Data Sheet from Bitdefender.

Second, being enterprise software, I myself have to pay for all the licenses. Normally when I sign up a business, I have them sign a contract for a certain number of years. The longer I know they are signed up for, the more licenses I can get at bulk discounts. Your arrangement will be month to month, where you can walk away at any time, with no commitment. I have to factor in some loss into the costs. If enough interest is shown, and this grows into something, the first thing I want to do is reduce the price. If you have more than one computer or want to pay more in advance, lets talk.

Third, my time isn't free. I'm going to be helping you, watching for any signs of infections. If you ever have security question, I will be an email away ready to help. Also, part of my proceeds will go to future features and promotions.

Lastly, and probably the biggest feature of all- you get to use Ark to pay for a service which can only help adoption. Not only that, we don't need to be in the headlines for users getting hacked or thier funds getting stolen. That looks bad on the whole ecosystem and doesn't help adaptation. Even if I help to protect only one user from being hacked, I will feel I have helped the community as a whole, and ArkForIT is me doing my part with the skills I have.