Do you have any Remote Access?


Again, the information I have from your machine is limited. Not even the external IP is listed. This is one of the reasons I use Bitdefender.

I can't install other applications. I can't view your desktop. I can't run commands.

All a network scan could possibly show me would be computer name and internal IPs of any machines that don't have Bitdefender installed. Although in recent years, Microsoft has shut off a lot of these types of scans, so your computer would most likely need to enable a few things for this to even work.

If you use personal information as your computer name, and feel I might ever want to scan and deploy more installs of Bitdefender please change your computer name first.

I have censored the computer names since, they actually contained company name information. I simply wanted to show you the IP information it shows. Again, computer name is the single piece of information that can include too much info if a network scan and deploy was performed, and if you feel it is too much info, change it.