What information can you see?

The on-demand information I have access to is basic. Computer name, OS and Version, and Internal IP ONLY. External IP is unknown to me and I have no way of finding out, unless you use that as your computer name? User account(s) are also unknown to me via any request from the system, but may be seen if there is an infected file. It would show me the path of the infected file and where it was removed from. Which can contain your local PC username, like ‘Bob’ or ‘Guest’. Please change user names and computer names if you use personal and identifiable information (PII). I want the least PII as possible. Knowing one or the other isn't a HIPAA issue, or a leak of PII. But if you happen to use both first and last name, please change them.

Below you will find screenshots of what my portal would reflect of your system information.

Label will be the place I will tie your system to your Ark wallet address. It is my only field of allowed change for the system information.

Clicking on the computer name brings up these options.

As you can see, not a whole lot there. It's really AV info only. The most identifiable information is computer name. If you use a computer / username with your first and last name and don't want me to know, please change your computer name first, since I will not be able to. I have one field to use and that's the label field. That's the information I can change about your computer, and that's only a console change and nothing with your system itself.