What do you need?

Let’s start with what I don’t need or will ever ask for

I DON’T need:

  • Your admin account/password
  • Your user account/password
  • Your wallet passphrase, Ark or otherwise
  • Login for any service, local or cloud
  • Login to your email, social networks, etc

Don’t ever volunteer this info, even if I ask! I won’t ever ask.

What I do need, and why I need it?

  • Your Email - This is so I can have Bitdefender send you the AV installer. I will never send it to you from my email, it will come from Bitdefender directly. It's more secure coming direct from Bitdefender. Also, I will use it for communication and alerting you of issues and major infections. This doesn't have to be your main email, it just has to be something you check and use to get notified. What good is my service if I tell you your computer has an infection brewing, but you don’t see it?
  • An ARK address - It doesn't have to be your main one, it just has to be unique to you. It's what ties the whole system together, and it's how I can figure out that you paid me for the next month of service.
  • That's it - Really, that's all I need to offer you this service.

What I may ask for, but is not required.

  • Handle - Something I can address you by, so you know it's a legit email. It's not needed, I can address you by your ARK address Mr. / Mrs. AcpRbnQu1igzPJBZEhqdBYLKgUFimzwok3 3
  • Questions - I may ask questions to improve / change the default policy parameters. I may ask how you feel about future services offered by ArkforIT. Other questions may be asked, but all are optional.
  • Feedback - This will be the most important one for me, personally. It will give me info on how I'm doing and how I can improve. All feedback is welcome, good or bad. It will help make this better in the long run. I would rather this be community involved and I will need your help for that.