Features & Services

Bitdefender Enterprise Antivirus with Advanced Threat Control

Bitdefender is the leader in performance and detection. ATC (Advanced Threat Control) uses machine learning to pick up on early or zero-day threats. Basically, it catches things before most AV software are even aware they are present. ATC monitors processes, and as soon as one starts acting up, it will stop them. It will protect you from ransomware and crypto mining / jacking.


Fully featured, two-way personal firewall and host-based intrusion detection and prevention. This will block port scans and lock out unknown programs that try and ‘phone home.’ If malware does get on your machine, this should stop it from trying to spread or make contact with the malicious terminal on the other side.

Content Control and Antiphishing

Content Control will scan SSL and HTTP traffic, including POP3 and SMTP email traffic. It is also responsible for detecting phishing, and showing you trusted site results in web searches. It can also be used to lock out network access completely, or on a set schedule. I've used it for children to restrict their computer use after bedtime, at which point web access is blocked. It’s also quite useful for security, too. If you know you are only going to use your computer from 9-5, why not only give it access at those times to minimize the risk of exposure?

Device Control

Device Control allows you to lock out various hardware, such as USB, CDROM, Printers and Bluetooth Devices. I can't think of anything it doesn't let you block access to. This is good for keeping random devices from infecting your computer.

Power User

You will get access to Power User features. This is where you can set your own exclusions and scan schedules. Generally speaking, there is no need by default to do anything unless you have problems. Please check the How-To section for help with this.

Update and New Features

You will receive updates as well as any new features that are added to Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools. You won't be locked into a program that is released yearly- it is updated multiple times a year. If any new features roll out, you get them!


You also get help from me. I will notify you of any issues or persistent threats. You will also get notified of any malware outbreaks. Not every little thing mind you, that would probably be non-stop emails from me. I monitor the portal all the time, for you and many other clients and endpoints. If there are serious issues, I will contact you via email. If you have questions you can ask me as well. I won't be able to remote into your machine to help you, but I can send you how-to's and info that should help you stay protected. If all is well, you won't even hear from me. So please treat emails from me as emergencies.

Full Feature List

For a full feature list of what Bitdefender offers, please visit their website here. Scroll down until you get to the bottom and look under the column "Security for Endpoints," or you can check out the datasheet by clicking here. Please note, not all the features are available, since I am not offering any server or cloud protection at this time. But you do get the important features.