Warning: Adding or Excluding certain items my put you at risk.

This warning will be on all the Power User Features. Since everything you exclude or let through is a risk. Please be sure you know what items you are excluding or allowing through. If you are unsure, it won't hurt to ask me. I'm here to keep you safe.

Adding an exclusion is simple enough. Once you access the Power User menu, just head over to the Antimalware section. Under settings you should see all exclusions. By default nothing is excluded. This is obviously the most secure way. But there are certain things you may find you need to exclude.

When you want to exclude something, select what type of exclusion it is. Be it a File, Folder, Extension or Process. Then the destination, process name or extension type. Then the modules it's excluded from all, on-demand, or on-access.

In my setup, you can see I have excluded both drives G: and E:. Drive G: is my Google Drive Stream I have to much housed in it for it to download everything to scan. Drive E: is a Drobo NAS unit. It got an initial scan, then was excluded. No point in scanning it multiple times seeing any data that gets added to it, comes from a machine that has Antivirus protection. So things like that can be excluded.

I added some other example for you, these are ones I wouldn't recommend to anyone, they are simply examples so you can see how the exclusion system works for various things. One is an extension exclusion, where I excluded all PDF's from being scanned every time I open them. One is a process, in the example I just picked Plex. Then I added a text file that's excluded from all scans, but will be scanned when you open it. Note the difference between the exclusion of one file (the text file) and all files with that extension (the .pdf).