Warning: Adding or Excluding certain items my put you at risk.

This warning will be on all the Power User Features. Since everything you exclude or let through is a risk. Please be sure you know what items you are excluding or allowing through. If you are unsure, it won't hurt to ask me. I'm here to keep you safe.

The Firewall settings are for the true heavy users and can be modified in the Power User menu. Really there should be no reason to access this unless you use a specialty software that needs access and Bitdefender doesn't recognize it. I have never had an issues with the settings I have preconfigured for any of my clients and not with my own computers. It recognizes things like Plex and knows that's a trusted app to allow through. So if you do have something that's getting blocked, you might want to rethink if it's worth opening yourself up for it. But if you do need to route something through the Firewall, it should be easy enough.