Warning: Adding or Excluding certain items my put you at risk.

This warning will be on all the Power User Features. Since everything you exclude or let through is a risk. Please be sure you know what items you are excluding or allowing through. If you are unsure, it won't hurt to ask me. I'm here to keep you safe.

So you computer had a detection? There is nothing you need to do. Bitdefender will take care of it. It's a false positive, don't worry, my default settings are setup so the file isn't deleted, but quarantined. False positives can happen and it's not fun having to restore files you know you trust. If you do know the file and can trust it without any doubt. Just right click on the Bitdefender Icon like you do to access Power User and select show. You will get a history of events Bitdefender has preformed. Just click on the Modules icon in the top left corner of the window.

This will list all the Modules that are installed and available to you. By default everything is installed, I want you to have as many options as possible. Though some of them are not active such as Device Control.

Your detection will be listed in the Quarantine section under Antimalware. Inside the quarantine list, you will find the file and will be able to exclude the file and restore it. Please be sure you know the file you are excluding and trust it. You can also let firewall items through in this section. If you notice an application you need to get online is blocked, it would be listed under Manage Rules under the Firewall module. Again, please be sure you know the application you are allowing access to your computer.