Power User

Warning: Adding or Excluding certain items my put you at risk.

This warning will be on all the Power User Features. Since everything you exclude or let through is a risk. Please be sure you know what items you are excluding or allowing through. If you are unsure, it won't hurt to ask me. I'm here to keep you safe.

Accessing Power user is simple enough. Just right click on the Bitdefender icon in the task bar and select Power User. You will be asked for a password which is provided to you at sign up. If you lost it, please shoot me a message.

One example for using Power User is the Exclusion feature. Take Google Drive Stream, if you have that installed. Bitdefender will try and scan the whole drive, and since it's not local. It's basicaly downloading everything to scan. Its not a problem if you don't have much data and unlimited data, but can be if you have TBs of data to download. But that's up to you, by default it scans all drives, excluding mapped drives. Again, you can change these settings in the Power User settings.